Some of my Sansevierias, from right to left S. suffruticosa, S. 'Boncel,' offset of S. trifasciata 'Bantel's Sensation,' and S. NOID cutting from a resort my family frequents. Recently, I have been drawn to Sansevierias with distichous leaves.
Happy Halloween!

Carkeek in fall

I walked Sandy in Carkeek Park to enjoy the fall color. The weather has been so warm and dry, many of the leaves were still green.

 Sandy reluctantly demonstrating the size of our native bigleaf maple leaves.

Indoor plant pole

I recently made a tacky purchase of a vintage plant pole, otherwise referred to as the stripper pole.
Neomarica longifolia / Trimezia maticensis
The pole is supporting a yellow walking iris, recently propagated from cuttings, and a Davallia NOID in a faux kokedama planter.

Kona lounging by another recent online purchase, Aloe marlothii.
And here's a photo of the Aloe just after it arrived in June, looking less impressive than pictured on Etsy.
I am please with how much progress the Aloe has made. Notably, the leaves have switched from the juvenile distichous growth pattern to a mature rosette.

Seattle Speres

Paul and I toured the Seattle Spheres today, followed by a late lunch at Kati Vegan Thai. Both were wonderful.

Outside of the spheres, which we saw being constructed when we move to Seattle in 2015.

 An endless multistory green wall. The variety of plants included was impressive.
 Beautiful palm with white leaf backs, I wish this were hardy.
Kerriodoxa elegans
Tree ferns
 We accidentally timed our visit with a titan arum blooming.
Amazon's botanical collection was impressive. Unfortunately, I failed to take pictures of the landscaping outside, which was also exceptional. I recommend that Amazon begin stocking the plant collection and residential-sized sphere kits on its site.