Bamboo installation, completed

Last week, Paul and I planted the shadier half of our 50 ft stretch of fence line with bamboo, and yesterday,we were finally able to complete the project. Had we fully considered how difficult it would be removing several tree stumps and trenching and installing bamboo barrier in the middle of winter, we might have reconsidered the length of the hedge or hired a professional.

We planted the lower 25 ft with Chusquea culeou, a relatively short-lived clumping variety. Bamboo Garden started these plants from seed in May 2016, so I very much doubt their 45-year lifespan will be an issue.
Unlike most bamboo, Chusquea has solid culms that lack the characteristic hollow center, and its canes are reportedly much stronger. Hopefully I will have a ready supply of canes for various garden projects in the relatively near future.

And this is what Kona was up to while I photographed the bamboo, chewing on a stick carefully selected from the Olympic Peninsula...

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