Plant shopping in Portland

After hearing wonderful reports about Portland area nurseries, I made a quick trip down to see for myself. As you can see, it was a successful trip!
Cistus Nursery's fall sale had just started, and I came home with a Crinodendron hookeranium, Fascicularia bicolor ssp. bicolor (later returned for 'Spinner's form'), Metapanax delavayi, Chamaedorea microspadix, as well as a few others. After leaving Cistus, I went to Pomariua where I found a Schefflera delavayi beginning to show beautiful leaf serration, fingers crossed the lobes become even more dramatic with age.

View at a traffic light between Cistus and Pomarius

At Pomarius, I found this beautiful Edgeworthia chrysantha 'Nanjing Gold,' which was way too big to fit in the car. After showing a photo to Paul, we decided to rent a minivan and drive back to Portland the next weekend to buy it.
Topiary bear cub at Pomarius
Portland nurseries lived up to the hype; I look forward to my next trip.

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