Not a garden post

While I am generally not a fan of the home & garden genre (the focus is always on the former), the project dominating this year's growing season will be a major house renovation. I do not intend to switch the focus of this blog to the renovation work, but given it will pose a significant challenge for the garden this year, I believe it is relevant to mention for context.

Currently, we are still in the demolition phase. Previously, the master bedroom was on the left, and the master bath on the right. The roles appear to have switched in this photo, taken shortly after demo started in mid February.

Removal of wallboard by the fireplace revealed the original wood veneer checkerboard. Successive owners hid the house's mid century roots with traditional remodels, resulting in a very odd look, particularly with the asymmetrical fireplace location.

And a week later in early March, with the wood tiles, ceiling, and pole gone. Apparently the pole in the middle of the room was not structural beyond supporting the weight of the ceiling, crazy!

 The fireplace today, notice anything missing? The high "window" is actually a hole where the chimney was.

A view from the outside, the chimney previously went through the hole in the roof. Boards on the right are missing windows. 

Unfortunately, I did not plan ahead and take any before photos, but here is a listing photo showing the chimney and windows.

Returning to the garden, my plan is to keep making progress as much as possible on weekends. In the meantime, given much of the garden cannot be planted, quite a few plants remain in or were relocated to pots, and I will be running a small nursery at the back of the garden. I have a feeling a lot of my time will be spent repotting and watering.


  1. Oh my! I do love a good remodel project, so please do share some photos. In the meantime good luck with the garden. House painting, window replacement and roof work have been my garden trashing house projects. Not fun!

    1. We will be doing all of those, but hopefully whatever survives this year will be relatively undisturbed for awhile. I will be conducting an archaeological dig of sorts over the weekend for a few dormant perennials that need to be relocated ASAP.

  2. Wow...yes, keep the photos coming. Also, what Danger said - good luck with the garden!